Custom Cabinet Look on a Shoestring Budget

RSI_Belvedere_C1-B_0952-4x200You don’t have to spend a lot of money on cabinetry to get a custom look. There are a number of elements you can use to personalize your cabinetry to add pizzazz and interest.

  • Frameless cabinets not only add functional and usable space, they provide an upscale design with full access solutions to reflect any design aesthetic.
  • Decorative accent pieces such as Crown Molding, Light Rails and Fillers provide the finishing touches to any cabinetry. Ranging in style from clean, straight lines to elegant and ornate, use these decorative accent pieces to add dimension.
  • Corbels not only are functional as countertop overhang support, they provide an elegant design element for any kitchen.
  • Posts are commonly used with kitchen islands, but can also be found next to ovens and sink base cabinets to complete an elegant look.
  • Accent Doors are commonly used with the upper cabinets enhancing visual interest. Most commonly used is aluminum, Maple or Thermofoil door frames with clear, textured or frosted glass.

Take a look at our Inspiration Gallery for a variety of ideas.

Bringing Back the Silence with Soft-Close Hinges and Glides

WarmingtonStellanRidgeFallbrookBrandyBathroom3Once considered a basic part of cabinetry, glides and hinges are now a key element when designing a dynamic and functional space. Designed to absorb the impact and prevent doors and drawers from slamming shut, soft-close hinges and glides create the silence every homeowner wants while extending the life of the cabinetry. With a gentle nudge, the soft-close mechanism takes over, gently easing the door or drawer to a closed position avoiding loud and potentially damaging slamming. For a space that not only looks great, but sounds great and feels great, soft-close hinges and glides are a must-have.

The Basics to Choosing Cabinets

WarmingtonStellanRidgeMarquisVanillaBGKitchen4When remodeling is in your near future, you tag, you pin and you like pictures of living spaces that you feel fit your design aesthetic. And, that’s what you should be doing, but remember not all of those pinned and liked kitchens will be able to be incorporated into your kitchen footprint. Consider consulting with a kitchen designer to ensure you have the proper kitchen specification for your dream kitchen. You will also want to ensure the cabinets you purchase are well made and will last you for years to come. Some features to keep in mind include:

  • Full extension drawer glides
  • Drawers with a 75 pound weight rating
  • Shelves that are at least ¾ inch thick
  • Full depth adjustable shelves
  • Full backs on base cabinets (sink bases excluded)

Lenox Thermofoil Satomi Neutralizes and Softens Modern Kitchens

WEBLenoxSatomiKitchen4Our contemporary Lenox Thermofoil door style in the Satomi finish combines clean, simple lines with a softer, more neutral finish to complement a series of new, modern and on-trend townhomes in Hollywood. The sleek and durable Lenox Thermofoil cabinets are methodically placed to maximize usability in the available yet sophisticated kitchen space. The wood grain finish with subtleties of grey undertones provides balance with the dining and living spaces.  Paired appropriately, our Lenox Thermofoil door style finished with Satomi is an ideal combination for both contemporary and transitional homes. Visit Houzz or Pinterest for more images of this modern living space.

Trending Now: Cabinet Rollouts

SheaTrilogyTsuki2 Fusion Rollout2Adding rollouts to lower cabinets in a kitchen, utility room or any frequently-used space alleviates unnecessary strain when searching for that missing lid, can of soup or lint roller. According to the NKBA 2014 Kitchen & Bath Style Report, rollouts were specified in 92 percent of jobs in 2013, solidifying that homeowners want functional and usable space. In addition to being specified in nearly all kitchens in 2013, the respondents to the survey also indicated they anticipate an increase in the demand for rollouts in 2014. Our rollouts are available with our Standard metal box, our Dovetail 5/8” hardwood box and our Fusion stainless steel box. The Standard and Dovetail roll-outs come with natural wood fronts enhancing the functionality and beauty of the rollouts. Visit us on Houzz or Pinterest to see some of our rollout options.