RSI PCS Announces New Director of Contracting Operations

MIRA LOMA, Calif. (April 8, 2014)—RSI Professional Cabinet Solutions (RSI PCS) announced the promotion of Darrin Toop to Director of Contracting Operations. Toop joined RSI PCS in January 2013 as the Sales Operations Manager and brought with him more than 23 years of industry experience as a highly-skilled cabinetry and millwork professional.

In his new role, Toop is responsible for overseeing a quickly growing team of over 100 professionals dedicated to serving customers in new construction and rehabilitation projects within Southern California, where the company is the market share leader. Toop brings extensive aptitude in streamlining processes to improve first pass yield and reduce secondary trips, which are vital elements to customer satisfaction. Read the full press release.

Design Tip: Paneled Bathtubs

Bathroom designs have risen to greater levels of attention and quality over the past few years as the standard setting is migrating to a more personal resort or refuge. The longing to have a spa-like environment in the comfort of one’s own home is now even more desirable and financially feasible. Soft lighting, placid walls and wood or wood-like cabinetry together offer the serenity one desires. One way to incorporate more nature into the space is to offer wood paneled bathtubs. This luxurious and lavish addition provides a more tranquil look as it provides an escape from the outside world. Check out a few of our paneled bathtub installations on Houzz or Pinterest.

Spring Cleaning: Start with your Cabinets

SpringCleaning2ImageRegardless of the weather outside or how you’re feeling about the concept of seasons, the calendar says it’s Spring and we all know what that suggests: Spring Cleaning. Gather the family, grab your cleaning supplies and get moving.

Starting with the kitchen, top-to-bottom, clean those frameless cabinets. Using a soft, lint-free cloth, start by dusting the cabinets. You can also lightly dampen the cloth with water and mild soap or cleanser. Wipe down the cabinets followed by a dry cloth to ensure no water is left behind. Continue until all the cabinets are sparkling.

Avoid using detergent, soap pads, steel wool or any other type of abrasive pad, as well as citrus oils, paste wax or polish containing silicone. We also do not recommend using ammonia, bleach, acetone and lacquer thinner or items such as WD40 or Goof-Off. Dusting your cabinetry on a regular basis will not only eliminate build-up, it will make Spring Cleaning a bit easier and quicker.

Now, open your windows, let that crisp air in and get cleaning.

You can find additional information on the Cleaning Care of our frameless cabinetry on our website.

Spring has Sprung. Are you Ready?


You don’t need to spend a lot of money to add a bit of flair to your bathroom. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter what size your bathroom or budget is, you can easily add a bit of ‘Spring’ into one of the most visited rooms in the house.

Don’t have room for a flower arrangement? Simply hang a tension rod, yarn, ribbon or twine for a simple floral art project display station. You can swap out your artwork with inspirational quotes, photos, drawings or an assortment of it all! Use your imagination, get the family involved and have some fun with it!

Check out more Spring-like bathrooms featuring our frameless cabinetry on Houzz.

RSI PCS Announces Increased Capacity with Plant Expansion

RSI Professional Cabinet Solutions (RSI PCS) today announced the completion of the company’s most recent plant expansion at its Mira Loma facility. The 50,000 square feet expansion and plant redesign will enable the company to more than double the output of its European-inspired, frameless cabinetry.

“This expansion is driven by rapidly increasing demand from our customers to supply frameless cabinetry in new home developments and remodeling projects,” said Eric VanDerHeyden, president, builder sales and services, RSI Professional Cabinet Solutions. “The cabinet industry, particularly in the west, is in need of additional capacity and this investment ensures we can continue to improve our execution, streamline production and supply high quality frameless cabinets at attainable price points.”

To improve and maintain higher production levels, RSI PCS implemented Just-in-Time processing and the Kanban replenishment system to streamline material flow and eliminate handling waste. Higher capacity and quality equipment was added throughout the plant to support component production and assembly lines were re-engineered to be faster and more flexible.

“Our skilled and dedicated employees executed a tremendous transformation in a short timeframe,” said Don Cox, senior vice president, operations, RSI Professional Cabinet Solutions. “This implementation allows us to produce a higher quality product in a safer working environment with increased efficiency levels. The concepts and details can be replicated at new facilities in new markets to support our national growth strategy.”